About Us

Convert Your Business From Ordinary to Extraordinary. Then take it from Extraordinary to Preeminent.

The business world is as dynamic as ever. The ways we operate within it are affected by globalization, shifting business models and new technologies. But some things never change. Human interaction, interpersonal communication, accountability, follow-through, integrity; all of these are constants – and constant requirements of achieving great success.

The Leriot group of companies was founded on the belief that successful companies are always looking for ways to improve their performance and enhance their profits and cash flow.

Our mission is to train and mentor business owners and their team on using our Scaleology® Model and its Business Mastery System™ to dynamically grow their triple bottom line and to help them achieve ever-greater levels of satisfaction and reward.

Our clients—including companies, project teams, departmental initiatives, families—achieve remarkable results, despite less than optimal performance levels.

We see tremendous value in harnessing this untapped potential. We have found that when business professionals, executives and managers, focus on enhancing their individual skills while supported by proven systems, their performance improvement is limitless. We’ve proven the organizations that employ them enjoy spectacular bottom line results as a benefit.

My name is Bill Prater and I have earned my reputation as America’s Business Alchemist™ by helping business owners and entrepreneurs break free of inertia and accelerate into the future they envision.

I love nothing better than sharing what I have learned by working with those who are eager to transform themselves and their business. I created the Scaleology® Model, the Dynamic Growth Formula™ and the Business Mastery System™ as the core foundations to everything I do.

We've Made It Super Easy For You To Work With Us...

We have discovered that our clients fall into two camps. First, those that want to learn everything they can and implement them themselves. Second, those that want to get the results fast and know they need help doing so.

Online Training Programs (Do It Yourself)

You will discover that our teaching model is far superior to traditional online courses. The ones we created for you resemble the one used by leading universities worldwide.

As you may know, typical online classes fail in two important areas.

They are designed to deliver information all at once leaving the student responsible to absorb the material. This technique fails and the vast majority of the enrollees drop out before they complete a fraction of the course and nearly all before the end.

Secondly, even those who do finish are unable to implement what they have learned since they are not able to internalize what they were exposed to.

You will quickly find out we have solved those two big flaws.

We deliver the materials using a variety of modalities to insure the information is learned and help you apply each step as you learn it. In addition, each course has action steps to help you quickly implement and benefit from what you have learned.

Many of our members want to go faster, but don't qualify for our coaching programs.

For them we have Dynamic Growth Formula™ Program. This 10 week, full immersion, mentoring program enables a member to get up to speed rapidly and accelerate the positive effect of the Business Mastery System™. Check out all the courses and find the ones that fit you best.

Most of our courses require an investment, however you can start the DGF Fast Start and learn the top level view of the core philosophies we have.

Coaching Programs (Do It With You)

We have three primary approaches with our coaching clients. All of them start with the courses in Business Mastery Secrets outlined above.

The first, is a small group roundtable that meets twice per month. The members of each group become each others board of advisers. They learn together, help solve each others problems and hold each other accountable. You will want this approach if you value working in a team and learn from seeing others deal with and solve their issues.

The second approach is a one-on-one coaching relationship. This technique is highly customized and designed to match the pace wanted by the client. We help the client set more and more aggressive goals over time and to consistently achieve them. If you value speed and believe you can benefit from a close relationship and intense accountability, this is for you.

The third approach is a team coaching model. We use this methodology for a business owner and a team. These teams can range from senior management to a group of outside advisers and partners. With this modality we emphasize the leverage of the team through goal setting, accountability and corrective action. If you what the fastest path to the biggest prize, this is for you.