Are you a business owner or an entrepreneur?

Feeling Maxed-out? Stop Trying To Do It All

Trying to be a superhero actually turns you into a roadblock for your business.


Are you an entrepreneurial small business owner frustrated because you can’t seem to create, build or scale your business as much as you would like?

Is your frustration compounded because you have had a stellar professional career, but your success so far doesn’t seem to convert to success in business?

Well, you are not alone! During my 30 years of working with small business owners I have found that this has been a common theme.

What I am about to show you will convert your current frustration into immediate success.

What you are going to be learning will give you exactly the tools you need to double your results right away.

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Business Breakthrough Formula

A Little Bit Of My Background...

Hi, I am Bill Prater, the founder of Business Mastery and the creator of the program you are going to learn about in a bit.

I have been exactly where you are right now.

Let me explain. I used to own an investment banking firm. I invested millions and millions of dollars into all sorts of businesses in all sorts of industries. I saw business owner after business owner struggle with the same kinds of issues you are struggling with right now.

I had the first hand opportunity to witness fantastic success and dramatic failure all the time.

All the rest of the entrepreneurs' businesses were someplace in the middle. Basically, the rest of my clients had run of the mill, average companies.

To some extent, out of defense and to protect my investments, I had to figure out what my super successful clients were doing and teach it to everybody else.

Today, I will introduce you to the foundation of all tools, techniques and methodologies I’ve created over time.

All of them have the proven ability to convert ordinary businesses to extra-ordinary ones

This Is Exactly Why You Have Your Problems...

Before I tell you about the solution, let me illustrate why you have the problem in the first place.

Most of us were taught a profession and became very proficient at it.

Perhaps it was dentistry, or architecture, or graphic design, or software development.

What it was really doesn’t matter. That list of professions can go on and on.

Then, at some point, you decided to build a business based on what you know best and what you are really good at.

Here’s the problem.

None of the skills you have mastered in your profession translate into how to operate a business.

Much less how to operate a highly successful one.

Right now, I have no idea what you were trained professionally to do.

Nonetheless, I can assure you dentists are not trained to own dental practices. Painters are not trained how to be a painting contractor. Landscapers are not trained to own landscape construction companies. And, graphic designers are not equipped to own a design studio.

The skills we all learned to become professionals in our chosen trade are not the same as the skills we need to own a business.

The Big Disconnect...

This disconnect is perhaps the major contributor to a failed business!

If you are trying to leverage, or transition, or in some way use, your professional skills to create, build and scale your business, it doesn’t work.

You are not going to create an extremely successful and profitable business by just working harder at what you know. You have to learn and master the skills possessed by the finest business owners on the planet.

While working with businesses, I discovered that no one taught these skills.

Not the high-powered business schools. Not the big-time consultants. Not the famous business book writers.

Therefore, based on what I learned from my experience with a variety of businesses and clients, I have created a solution for this problem and am making it available to you, right now.

Let me introduce you to the Business Breakthrough Formula.

It is a simple, easy to implement, 3 step process that is proven to convert any business into a high-performance machine.

Once you’ve got this knowledge in your hands...

  • You will be positioned to make a remarkable change in your business results.
  • You will be able to see your revenue, cash flow and business value double, triple or even grow by 10 times.
  • Plus you will see results immediately.

Remarkably, in my experience, most entrepreneurs experience these results and more while they cut the time they spend on their business by at least half.

These Business Owners Had Your Same Frustration...

Let me amplify the problem you are facing.

Most entrepreneur believe if they are great at practicing their profession, that applying those skills and increasing their effort will transfer into success as a business owner.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. For example.

A top-drawer software developer had an idea for a great app.

He resigned his job to build the product. He felt if he could complete it quickly and be first to market he would have a literal home run on his hands.

Then he quickly learned that having a product on the market and having a business to market the product were two entirely different things.

Once he realized that he assembled people with promotion, marketing and sales skills.

He quickly learned having a group of people with all the right skills does not make a high-performance team.

Plus, even if he was successful molding them into a team did not mean he had a stable and growing business.

I told him he was on the wrong path and it was not going to work. Instead he needed to understand and master the skills required to be a business owner.

Once, he learned and applied the essential skills, both he and his business began to prosper and thrive.

Here’s another example.

A highly successful branding professional decided she would rather be an entrepreneur. She knew she had a special process to create brands and branding messages. She had great success teaching her co-workers how to use the system.

That experience led her to believe she could make a lot more money and have a lot more free time if started her own business.

In addition, she felt her technique was a great candidate to be sold via online marketing.

She became an avid consumer of all things related to the internet. She added deep knowledge of SEO, content marketing, podcasting, product development, email auto-responders and many other online tactics.

At this point, she was great at two things. First, everything related to branding and second, how to market her product. But, she was barely making enough money to get by, let alone thrive.

Luckily she found out what she needed was the knowledge and skills required to be a business owner. She discovered other people can create the products and other people can market them online.

She knew she had to build her business personally, but she didn’t know how.

Fortunately, she had the opportunity to meet me and to learn how to be a successful business owner. Once she knew that, everything blossomed.

The Secret Is About Doing Three Things Right...

As I have already told you, I had similar experiences personally and had witnessed dozens of my clients run into the same roadblocks and barriers that you have.

The bottom line is that expertise in any given profession does not translate into expertise as a business owner or as an entrepreneur.

I discovered there are 3 Essential Skills a business owner needs to understand, internalize and master.

The first is to conceive, energize and articulate the Vision.

The second is to create, cultivate and maintain the Culture.

The third is to recognize, intercept and manage Entropy.

To solve the problem you are having and to provide the recipe for success, I packaged that all together into the Business Breakthrough Formula.

It is a focused high-level set of training that will position you to convert your current business into a high performance machine.

The program consists of 5 video lessons, plus an audio version of each one and downloadable copies of the slides.

  • First Lesson - An overview of the entire Business Breakthrough Formula. This will give you clarity about what exactly you need to be able to do to be a top flight business owner. You will understand clearly why you don’t have an extraordinary business today and how you will be able to get one soon.
  • Second Lesson - All about the 1st of the 3 Essential Elements—Providing the Vision. You will learn the power of a Vision, how to create one, and how to keep it alive. With a Vision you will be able to establish a single point of focus for you and your entire team to pursue. This has an almost magical effect on concentrating energy to achieve the main goal.
  • Third Lesson - Teaches the 2nd Essential Element—Establishing the Culture. You will discover the exact culture you need to have in order to have a fine tuned, well oiled and smooth running business. You will understand the power of goal setting combined with a culture of authentic accountability. This type of culture is proven to be the driver for an accelerating, dynamically growing business.
  • Fourth Lesson - Focuses on the 3rd Essential Element—Intercepting Entropy. Everything in the universe will move to disorder and chaos if left alone. You will learn how to develop the skill to see the onset of entropy, how to stop it in its tracks and how to fix the problem. The lack of this skill is a primary contributor to business failure after a long period of success. Having this skill means you will have a high level of certainty about owning a long-term and highly successful company.
  • Lesson Five - You will get a review of everything you have been taught and what the most vital takeaways are. In addition, you will be shown the best practices for implementing your new skills.
BONUS: Free Business Breakthrough Formula »

Business Breakthrough Formula

EXTRA BONUS: The Leaders Cheat Sheet

As a bonus, to help you dive even deeper into the 2nd of the 3 Essential Skills—Establishing the Culture, I have prepared a special premium.

The Leaders Cheat Sheet will show you step by step how to hone the required leadership attributes to succeed.

You may have heard the myth saying leaders are born not made.

I have discovered the exact opposite is true. After all, have you ever seen a 7 1/2 pound leader?

I determined that leaders all share common attributes.

Each of these attributes are acquired over time. With this cheatsheet in your hands you will be able to learn all of them very quickly.

By simply implementing these technique you will be able to attract and retain exactly who you want our your team.

BONUS: Free Business Breakthrough Formula »

Business Breakthrough Formula