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"In "Upsells Unleashed", Veena has effectively distilled the 'art and science' of upsells with real world examples and simple explanations. Extremely valuable are the descriptions on HOW NOT TO DO UPSELLS if you are concerned with providing long term value to your customers (the hall mark of a lasting business).

Beyond explanations, Veena has provided recommended flowcharts of how upsells can be used in a sales funnels as well as the tools that can be used.

As a side note: Veena is a SUPER HERO when it comes to customer support which explains her dedication to making the subject of upsells clear and actionable in this book.

Kenneth Schultz
Kenneth Schultz easydslr.com

I have read Veena's book "Upsells Unleashed" cover to cover and she is spilling the beans on the most successful tactics she and her clients use to wring out every last dime using optimized and highly converting funnels.

Kevin Halbert
Kevin Halbert Halbertising.com