Dynamic Growth Formula™ The Simple System To Master Business Success...

This Seven Step Formula Transforms Ordinary to Extraordinary and Converts Extraordinary to Preeminent.

You will learn everything you want to know about creating a new trajectory for your business. You will discover the seven steps of the Dynamic Growth Formula™, when executed in order, have been proven to be consistently successful.

Once you know these new secrets you will be able to dramatically increase sales, profits and business value for yourself.

The program materials are delivered to you one module per week over an eight week period. Each module has several lessons containing bite-sized, actionable nuggets; and, results oriented specific assignments.

Provided you stay on task and complete each week's training and projects, you will be amazed at the speed at which you will effect clear positive change in your business results.

As soon as you join the program you will be introduced to the entire program and be given an overview of each of the upcoming modules.

Here is a brief preview of the outcomes you can look forward to module by module.


  • Inventing Your Ideal Future...

    You will be immediately engaged in what you, personally, need to change to become the owner of something extraordinary. You will quickly find out the three vital things every entrepreneur must do. You will how to create, energize and communicate a compelling Vision. These concepts will give you the foundation you need to dive into and benefit from the rest of the program. The assignment this week is to complete and begin sharing your Vision.

  • Determining Exactly Where You Are Now...

    You will learn how to assess the “lay of the land”. You will find out how to properly analyze the results you are producing. You will discover how to look at your situation from several points of view and to distill the key corrective action to take. You will be able to stop being reactive and defensive to being proactive and offensive. Your assignment will be to compete an in depth situational analysis.

  • Designing Your Path To The Future...

    You will understand exactly how to convert the dream you have imagined in your Vision to reality. You be taught how to design the path by making decisions about the future. You will learn how to decide what to do (more importantly what not to do). In addition to knowing clearly what to do, you will know precisely how to get it done. Your assignment this week will be to produce a business plan for the upcoming year.

  • Getting Everything You Need...

    The plan you produced in the last week most likely requires some resources. You will learn exactly how to get them in this module. You will discover how to attract precisely the right people to help you and for the right price. You will know how to attract capital, materials, space, and other physical needs. You will find out how to design and implement the systems and processes to automate your business. Your assignment will be to design your “staffing plan”—aka: how you are not going to do it all yourself.

  • Installing Your Managment System

    You will learn the fallacy of “working hard” and “being busy” and instead discover the power of doing the only the most vital. You will understand how to run your entire business (regardless of size) with one piece of paper. This week’s assignment will be to build your Vital Driver Dashboard.

  • Creating A High-Performance Team

    You will learn the power of authentic accountability. You will find out why the old module of “being the boss” does not work and instead be trained on how to leverage a team. You will learn collaborative goal setting, precise controlling techniques and how to take the appropriate action in every situation. You will set the best goals you ever have as your assignment this week.

  • Assuring Long-Term Success

    In the final module, you will learn the techniques and methods used by the super-successful to accelerate dynamic growth. You will find out the secret tools used in our Business Mastery System™ and understand how to use them throughout your organization. Your assignment will be to layout how you will make Strategic Execution Team™ meetings a part of your culture.

Dynamic Growth Formula™ The Simple System To Master Business Success...