Determining Where You Are

Welcome the second stage of the Dynamic Growth Formula™ Program. In this module, you will learn how to collect, sort and prioritize data. Plus, you will learn how to create and present a terrific Situational Analysis.


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In this overview, we will preview all the topics we will be covering in the entire module. The module is called Determining Where You Are Now and is the second stage or step of the seven step Dynamic Growth Formula™.

What You Need To Look At

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We will be teaching you how to collect and examine data from all angles. First, we will show you what to look for regarding the quality of results you are getting, Second, you will learn how to review all the internal workings of your business. Third, you will learn how to be a detective and discover what is on the mind of everyone outside your business. Finally, you will learn how to read your environment and how to position yourself for success regardless of the "hand you are dealt".

How To Make Sense Out Of Things

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In this lesson we will teach you the importance of not taking everything at face value. You learn professional data analysis, but more of even more value, you will learn the shortcuts. After you have completed this training you will be able to sort, prioritize and determine which information needs to be addressed.

Producing A Situational Analysis

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In this lesson you will learn how to list the elements of your Vision; document your current state in each of those elements; calculate the size of your gap; determine what needs to be done to close the gap; and, finally how to create a report for decision making.

Summary & Assignment

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We will review everything you have learned in the lessons containing in the Assess Module (Determining Where You Are). Then we will give you your assignment for the Module which is to complete the 5 Steps of creating a Situational Analysis.