Getting Everything You Need

Welcome the fourth stage of the Dynamic Growth Formula™ Program. In this module, you will learn how to obtain the resources you will need to enable you to execute the plan you have created.


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In this overview, we will preview each of the individual lessons in the Getting Everything You Need module. This module is the fourth stage or step of the seven step Dynamic Growth Formula™.

Attracting All The Right Talent

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In this lesson, you will learn how to get the most out of your employees, staff and contractors. You will quickly understand how human resources can be your best or your worse investment. You will discover exactly how to hire and keep A-players.

Begging, Borrowing and Stealing Stuff

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In this lesson you will learn how to ensure you get all the right resources. We will teach you several techniques to obtain the best available besides buying them. At the end of the lesson, you will know how to structure the right alliance with whoever has what you need.

The Wiring Diagrams

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In this lesson you will learn how to identify activities in your business that are now or can be systematized, turned into processes or converted to a checklist approach. You will also learn how to recognize informal procedures and how to document them to increase speed and accuracy. You will find out how to eliminate useless steps that are still being done out of habit.

Summary & Assignment

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We will review everything you have learned in the lessons contained in the Module (Getting Everything You Need). Then we will give you your assignment for the Module which is to determine how you will "staff" your business strategically and tactically.