Creating A High Performance Team

Welcome the sixth stage of the Dynamic Growth Formula™ Program. In this module, you will learn how to build and leverage high powered teams. You will learn how to set high quality goals, how to hold others accountable and how to always take appropriate action.


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In this overview, we will preview each of the individual lessons in the Creating A High Performance Team module. This module is the sixth stage or step of the seven step Dynamic Growth Formula™. You can anticipate learning the "secret sauce" for getting your business to the next level.

The Fine Art of Goal Setting

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In this lesson, you will learn the importance of adopting an entirely new mindset about goals. You will discover the kind of goals set by high-powered teams are in actual fact commitments. You will learn the criteria for setting goals and a template to use for every single one.

You Can Count On Me

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In this lesson you will learn about the power of Authentic Accountability. You will see why accountability is rarely implemented because of its bad reputation. You will discover the elements of establishing an accountability culture and you will learn how easy it will be on you.

Doing The Right Thing Every Time

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In this lesson, you will be exposed to a secret very few business owners know about. You will quickly understand how doing just 4 things will help you attract and keep A-Players—the foundation of any high-performance team.

Summary & Assignment

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In this lesson, we will summarize all you have learned in this module (Creating A High Performance Team) and give you a very interesting and provocative assignment.